Vegetables and fruits

Fruita and vegatables

Disinfection of food is an integral and essential part of a general program of prevention and control of infectious diseases, especially gastro - intestinal infections. Bacteria, viruses and fungi - malicious satellites plant foods, eggs and kitchen surfaces. Contamination of food pathogens is happening everywhere, and, long before they get to our table.

It's safe to say that a simple water rinse food obviously does not prevent living on food of plant and animal bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms that can cause severe food poisoning. 

We offer a highly active, but ecologically safe detergent, having biocidal disinfectant properties.

Disinfectant allows to provide a wide range of antimicrobial activity. It is particularly effective in fighting bacteria, mycobacterium of tuberculosis, various viruses, including hepatitis viruses and fungi and their spores. Thus disinfectant is safe for humans and animals.

It is extremely simple to use.  It is enough by aerosol spray means the fruits or plants and provide a natural way to dry. Do not forget about the packaging or container, which is supposed to store food. So a simple way you will increase the shelf life of products 2-3.Fuel working disinfecting solution is about 150-200 ml per 1 m2 of surface.

Disinfectant is highly efficient, ecologically safe and easy in use.

Meat, fish

Meat, fish

Pre-treatment and storage of meat and fish is especially challenging. Due to the capillary, spongy structure, these products are especially easy to "absorb" bacteria that is animal protein rapidly proliferate because it is their favorite habitat. Average wash water can not guarantee safety from contamination and chemical detergents are absolutely unsuitable.

In such a situation it becomes an indispensable tool disinfectant. Exclusive feature of disinfectant is its ability to completely destroy the bacteria of the genus Salmonella, which is especially important for every housewife.

Processing before storing meat or fish dipping products means disinfectant for 15-20 minutes. It will reduce the overall number of microbes on the surface of the product to 75 times , and thereby prolong their storage in a refrigerator at a temperature of 0 º C and a relative humidity of 85 % to 10 days.