Hand disinfection

Hand disinfection

Hardly anyone would argue that the purity - one of the main conditions that promote a healthy and comfortable life. But is one visible cleanliness enough to protect themselves from malicious microbes  viruses, bacteria? Especially if someone in the house is sick for viral infectious disease. Each of us has repeatedly asked myself these questions. In this situation, it is important to observe the necessary precautions. First  - to disinfect hands, dishes, linens. Doctors say that hand disinfection reduces the risk of viral infectious diseases by 34%.

Indispensable tool can become environmentally friendly, biodegradable hand sanitizer. With a wide and versatile range of action, disinfectant is a reliable tool not only for disinfection, but also for disease prevention, as it effectivelly fights against microorganisms, viruses, fungi and spores.

Remedy is not an allergen, no adverse effects on the human body, and is especially important - has a neutral pH, id est does not irritate and dry the skin.

For disinfection is enough to put a small amount of disinfectant on your hands and wait for the natural drying of moisture, without wiping its hands with a towel.

Disinfectant is ecologically safe, efficient in use, has high antimicrobial activity.

Footwear disinfection

Footwear disinfection

Removing the seasonal storage of  boots or shoes, you need not only to thoroughly wash and dry them, but also disinfect. Systematic disinfection of footwear is needed. It helps to avoid unpleasant odour and prevent the development of harmful microorganisms. Timely disinfection is particularly important in the case of detection of the first symptoms of fungal diseases of the feet and nails.

This task successfully solves an effective means of disinfecting footwear, developed by our specialists.

Through disinfect regularly, you can get rid of unwanted odors, to protect not only themselves, but also your family from fungus infection, prevent its spread.

To reduce and eliminate athlete's foot odour, wash your feet with quite warm water, wipe dry, then moisten with disinfectant and let them dry. Shoes is recommended to be wiped inside with a cloth dampened in a vehicle or sprayed by aerosol. Wash socks in the usual way, and then rinse in the facility. Disinfectant improves the nutrition of the skin, restoring its respiratory functions, improve the work of the skin (capillary) of the circulatory system. By doing this operation once every two or three months, you will get rid of odour, moreover, it is a great prevention of fungus.