My home is my castle! This expression is familiar to everyone, and it 's hard not to agree. Fortress  means safety. Safety for life, security for the family and last but not least, health safety - your personal and anyone next to you.

On what this security depends? First of all, on purity. Psychologists have long proved that the house in which reigns cleanliness, an atmosphere of family affection, love, peace and harmony takes place.

Today manufacturers offer a variety of means for home care. However, few of them do not contain harmful chemicals and toxic contaminants. Working with these measures requires additional personal safety, such as rubber gloves and respirators, moreover, after use for some time in air can be toxic compound.

Products EХАClean are fundamentally different. These are detergents for house, made using the latest high biotechnology. All products EXA Clean effectively fight with pollution and leave no toxic and harmful substances background. They do not even require an additional wash!

Tools EXAClean are not just safe for you - they are your friends!


"We are what we eat" - claimed healthy eating theorist Paul Bragg . He meant, first of all, the quality and usefulness of our meal. However, any utility loses its meaning if the healthiest foods are teeming with pathogens.

Where do these bacteria come from? Everywhere - starting from unwashed vegetables brought from the market to the smallest particles of dust hanging in the air. Microbes get out on the dishes, cutlery, furniture, slabs, table tops, cutting boards. And from there it can go directly into the food.

Kitchen is the place in the house where cleanliness is the key to our health.

Habitual dishwashing detergents, plates and dishes are complex of chemical compounds containing unsound health matter. Therefore, using them requires further washing, so - extra effort and time.

Using environmentally friendly detergents EXAClean, you will be sure of their safety and the safety of your family!

Thanks to its innovative formula and complete biodegradability EXAClean for dishes copes with persistent pollutants and greasy dishes will  be washed easily, even in cold water. Simply apply a small amount of dish detergent "EXAClean" on a wet sponge and wipe the dishes under the running water. Detergent is absolutely safe and does not dry the skin.

EXAClean is to clean refrigerator and table tops surface without leaving any streaks. Your stove will shine and the ceramic surface will keep its shape with no scratches.

EXAClean perfectly cleans the tile, leaving a pleasant smell due to natural extracts. Dilute 50 ml of detergent to 5 l of warm water. When a particularly persistent contaminants use undiluted tool.

EXAClean will give you a sense of purity and brilliance in the house! Your windows, vases, crystal and ceramic surfaces will look brilliant and natural citrus extract will give a fresh scent. Spray the product on the surface being cleaned and wipe with a damp sponge. To remove the most stubborn stains leave tool for 10-15 minutes, and then wash. Many people underestimate the need for regular disinfection of the house. Microbes and viruses, we can not see, cause disease and adversely affect our well-being every day. Disinfectant of a  new generation disinfectant destroys virtually all known bacteria, viruses and fungi, their spores and mold. Using disinfectant will be a wonderful addition to regular cleaning dishes. The product does not require rinsing and is not toxic to humans and animals! To ensure cleanliness of your kitchen just sprinkle disinfectant evenly over surface to be cleaned and, if necessary, wipe the treated area with a sponge. Spraying disinfectant in the fridge, you are to get rid of odors, which are caused by harmful bacteria.

Living room / hall

Living room

Hall meets and escorts us every day, keeps our outer clothing and shoes. In the living room we have a rest and meet guests, this place is for our leisure and comfort. Most of the time being home, we spend in the living room.

Unfortunately, there are not only invited guests, but also pathogens. Regular cleaning and disinfection using organic products, EXAClean provide comfort and a sense of security for you, as well as good health and good mood.

EXAClean carefully and effectively clear any dirt in the house. Due to natural microparticles, paste is able to remove even traces of the chemical marker without damaging the surface from which it is removed. Also important is the use of cleaner natural and artificial stone, ceramic surfaces. For cleaning, apply a small amount of paste onto the soiled surface, leave for 30 seconds and then rub in a circular motion with a sponge and rinse.

Shiny floor and clean tile always create a sense of comfort and well-being in the house. Ecologically safe EXAClean perfectly cleans laminate flooring or tile, leaving a pleasant smell of natural extracts. Dilute 50 ml of detergent to 5 liters in warm water, and when stubborn stains, use undiluted.

Mirrors, glass tables and crystal decorative items are quickly spoiled and saving its presentable kind - is not an easy task. It is easily solved by using the EXAClean that easily removes fingerprints, dust and other contaminants from the mirrors, window glass, tableware and other glass surfaces without leaving streaks.

Spray the product on the surface being cleaned and wipe with a damp sponge. For stubborn dirt leave the detergent for 10-15 minutes and then rinse.

Odour and fungal infections - those troubles that we can expect every time we just put on our shoes. A new disinfectant is to solve this problem. Product removes unpleasant odour caused by bacteria and prevent the emergence of the fungus. Liberally sprinkle the detergent inside the shoe and leave for complete dry, the procedure is recommended to be carried out regularly.

Bathroom and toilet

Bathroom and toilet

Bathroom and toilet - are the places in the apartment, in which the purity can be hardly maintained. To achieve the ideal purity the regular weekly cleaning is not enough. Detergents EXAClean ensure the cleanliness of the bathroom, leaving no toxic odours and background.

Ecological means EXAClean removes deposits under the rim of the toilet bowl and kills bacteria. Leaves no toxic background and does not harm nature when released into water, leaving clean and pleasant fragrance no artificial flavors. Apply the product on a circle toilet brush and rinse with water.

Reception bath and shower - this is one of the most important daily hygiene procedures . It is for this reason, bathroom cleanliness is so important. Mean EXAClean effectively cleans the bathrooms, showers and sinks, leaving no streaks and without damaging the enamel. Apply the product EXAClean by sprinkling a little rub with a sponge and rinse.

Number of microbes in indoor toilets necessitates regular disinfection. Disinfectant easily copes with the task of maintaining a sterile purity of all objects in the bathroom and toilet, while remaining safe for those who are there.



Almost round the clock man wears clothes he used to have as for protection and means of heating and decoration. Save the original appearance of clothes and a pleasant feeling of wearing - these are the main requirements of modern man to the means for washing. When it comes to washing children's clothes, ecological safety becomes particularly important.

EXAClean will return your clothes clean and natural whiteness without damaging the fabric. No corrosive bleach will keep the whole fabric and avoid gaining gray. Pour 70 to 100 ml depending on the degree of contamination in the washing machine and run the necessary washing program. Your things will look fresh, clean and odor-free!

       Bright clothes always emphasizes individuality and decorates its owner. Unfortunately, over time, the clothes can lose brightness and color saturation. Ecologically safe tool EXAClean specially designed for as long as possible preserve the appearance of colored things. Fill the machine from 70 to 100 ml of the product depending on the dirt load and your favorite clothes for a long time will look like new.

     Washing delicate fabrics require special care, nobody wants to risk that favorite thing irredeemably spoiled during washing. EXAClean will not spoil the most delicate and fine fabric wash out even complex pollution. Pour 70 to 100 ml (depending on the degree of contamination) in the washing machine and run the necessary washing program. Delicate things remain soft and beautiful for a long time.

EXAClean gives things a pleasant aroma thanks to the natural extracts and wash away the remnants of detergent. Absolutely safe and effective composition of the dirt removal!



Pets are true members of our family. Often their health and safety concerns us not less than our own. Meanwhile, they are more than we are exposed to germs, so  there is a risk of contracting a serious disease.

New safe disinfectant is specially designed for animals care in places of detention, as well as for the treatment of skin and fur of our pets before and after a walk on the street. Disinfectant removes unpleasant smell, kills germs and parasites. Spray the product on the tray or other place where the animal is found to disinfect and eliminate odour. Before and after walking, spray the pet for prevention and destruction of animal infections and germs.