EXAClean Detergent for dishes

Means for dishes - one of the most important cleaning products in every home. Choosing it should not be guided by the smell and the amount of foam. Remains of this chemical foam and fragrant flavors easily get into your stomach with food.
Dishwashing detergent EXAClean made ​​of plant-based. Safe for hands and does not require additional rinsing. Effectively washes glassware, crystal, refrigerator ( inside and outside), cutlery and other kitchen utensils.
Fully -allergenic agent does not contain synthetic fragrances and leaves no odor intrusive .

Method of application 

Apply the product to water-soaked sponge to wipe the surface to be cleaned and washed with water. When strong pollution, leave tool for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off. The amount of detergent used depends on the degree of soiling of the surface. 


Ionized water more 30%, nonionic SAS less  5%, amphoteric SAS less  5%, anionic SAS less 5%, sodium chloride (salt), sodium citrate (citric acid), D-limonene (orange terpene).

We also offer our products in wholesale economical receptacles: 1, 3 and 5 liters!