Detergents and cleaning products EXAclean

EXAClean - a new dimension of purity 

The phrase "Clean is the guarantee of health" we all remember from childhood. And it's unchallenged. But the purity means much more. Clean is the guarantee not only for health, but also a pleasant climate, high performance, mental vigor and a good mood.

So purity is a pledge not only for health, this is a pledge of full normal life.

Over recent decades, the struggle for purity thrown tremendous scientific strength and production capacity. Today the shelves of supermarkets and literally crammed with packs, cans, bottles, tubes and canisters with various cleaning agents, promising a brilliant effect.

After using these tools, you can really watch shine. And it pleases loving purity owners. But the use of such means is a double edged sword. Any chemist will tell you that cleaning with detergents is constant active chemical reaction, as a result of which we have not only the dissolution of mud deposits and corrosion unsightly stains. As a result of this reaction a mass of new compounds is produced, some of which are not useful for our body. Even vice versa. 

Get a grasp of most of the instructions to such detergents. There is hot and it is strongly recommended to use rubber gloves and sometimes masks and goggles. In addition, there is usually a prerequisite. After cleaning rinse thoroughly with water, preferably several times. Often compulsory ventilation of the room is added after cleaning.

We're not talking about that, getting into the sewer and further into our waterways, these means do not decompose until the end, adversely affecting the ecology of our native places.

That is why today is particularly true appearance detergents and cleaning products, which on the one hand, effectively remove contamination of any nature, and on the other are safe for human health and the environment.

EXAClean is a line of detergents of a new generation, designed and developed basing on natural ingredients with modern high technology.

Tools EXAClean have a number of unique advantages compared to traditional synthetic detergents:

Means EXAClean do not contain phosphates, solvents, chlorine, dyes, flavorings and other hazardous toxicants.

Tools EXAClean are environmentally friendly, safe for nature and the environment

EXAClean means do not cause irritation of the mucous membrane and skin.

Tools EXAClean do not leave toxic background on cultivated surfaces and in the air.

With these advantages, EXA Clean can be used almost everywhere. Especially because we offer a whole EXA Clean for various purposes.

Using EXA Clean you can create and maintain real cleanliness at home - natural, safe and enjoyable.