Long time ago were the days when a private car was a luxury  unaffordable for most of us. Today a car is not just a "vehicle", as the classics said. Vehicle for many people - is a necessity, an integral part of our way of life, a particle of our own "me".

Every car owner knows how much care and attention a car requires. And it's not just regular maintenance with oil change and brake fluid, but, first of all, constant care for your  iron friend".

Neat appearance and inner cleanliness is a pledge of comfort and a favorable impression on the roads. Appearance of the car - is the first thing that catches the eye and characterizes the owner. Clean and well maintained car is a sign of accuracy and commitment of the host. A hygiene to your car to be truly effective, we need modern cleaning preparations.

Speaking about the cleanliness of the car, we have in mind, first of all  the purity of glass. On this depends not so much external neatness, how to travel safely.

Preparation "EXAClean Glass" provides a good overview thanks to the effective cleaning of glass without any streaks. Remedy is safe for health and the environment, as instantly decomposed into neutral components.

Disinfectant "EXAdez Auto" is intended to eliminate odours:

• seat;

• rugs;

• сhild seat;

• interior parts;

• luggage;

• air conditioner.

"EXAdez Auto" ideally eliminates (not masking) odours arising from the carriage of pets, food (meat, fish, and other), waste, etc.

"EXAdez Auto" addresses directly the cause of the smell - microorganisms, and the spots that remain from contamination, subsequently removed by detergents.

"EXAdez Auto" does not have a smell and it requires further flushing.

Does not cause irritation of the mucous membranes and skin. It is an ecologically safe tool, without harming nature and the environment. The processing solution can be carried out in the presence of human and animals.

Mode of application

Spray "EXAdez Auto" on the surface (based on 5-6 sprinkles per m2) or in air (rating of 3-4 sprinkles per m3). If necessary - repeat the treatment. Tool does not require subsequent rinsing.