Harmful ingredients in detergents

WARNING! The company's products "SET" does not contain any harmful substances and the nature of man, nor listed below or any other.

Harmful substances

Usual cleaning products are not just some harmful substances for human body or the nature. The effect of the use of such tools is not manifesting in the distant future, not in a few generations, the toxic components are poisoning us today.

Hazardous chemical components:

Parabens used as components of antibacterial ointments, skin creams. Is a possible cause of breast cancer, estrogenic activity (detrimental effect on men's health), as well as a common cause of skin aging.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate the substance is used as a cleaning agent in a variety of cleaning products.May cause irritation and allergic reactions. When interacting with other cosmetic ingredients constitute carcinogens.

Optical brighteners used to create the effect of external cleanliness clothes. In fact, the clothes are not getting clean, just giving the blue color creates in our minds a sense of whiteness. These substances are not washed out of the tissues and not permanently affect the skin.

Phosphates phosphates are used in pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, food industry. When excessive accumulation of phosphates, calcium loss occurs leads to kidney stones, osteoporosis and frequent bone fractures.

Markings on the packaging of products containing hazardous substances according to the EU:

   раздражающийXn - Harmful - Harmful, Dangerous

Harmful, dangerous substances and preparations: substances and preparations which may cause death or severe, acute or chronic damage to health when inhaled, swallowed and absorption through the skin.

   вредный Xi - Irritant - Irritating

"Irritant substances and preparations: non-corrosive (not corrosive, not corrosive) substances and preparations which, through direct, prolonged or repeated contact with the skin or mucous membrane, can cause inflammation"

   едкий C - Corrosive - Caustic, Corrosive, corrosive

Caustic, corrosive, corrosive substances and preparations: substances and preparations which may, on contact with living tissues, destroy them

   опасный для окрN - Dangerous for the environment - Dangerous for the environment. 

Substances and preparations dangerous for the environment: substances and preparations which, when penetrating into the environment, present or may present immediate or delayed risks for one or more elements of the environment