Some secrets of simple and effective laundry

Here are step by step instructions that will give you the opportunity to easily achieve excellent washing results

Step 1: Sort the laundry - Do not wash colored and white clothes together

The basic rule: sort with following criteria:

1.The texture fabrics:you must avoid the common washing delicate fabrics (wool, silk) and coarse (towels).

2.Right temperature:do not neglect reading of label on the clothes, there is important information about the specified temperature regime washing and other conditions necessary to maintain tissue.

3.Degree of pollution: sort items according to their degree of contamination, do not wash heavily soiled items with those things that were not worn for long.

4.Brightness Color:clothes of different colors should be washed separately. Colored, especially red and black can paint the other clothes during washing. Information about the possible loss of color can also be read on the labels.

Step 2: Loading the washing machine

Do not load the drum top, between the upper lid should remain distance of palm of a hand, it will provide better washing results and keep clothing more safe. When washing delicate things you should not load the drum more than half. Choosing a washing program, consider the manufacturer's advices.

Step 3: Choosing detergents

1.For washing white clothes "EHAclean" for white linen - a good and effective way.

2.Means for colored laundry: means "EHAclean" for colored laundry preserve the natural color of things.

3.Spot remover "EHAclean" eliminates stains without damaging the fabric.

4 And also a means for washing delicate fabrics "EHAclean"  that helps avoid of wear the most delicate and sensitive tissue.

Step 4: The dosage of detergent

An excessive amount of detergent may not only decrease the efficiency of the washing, but also leave stains on clothes. Conversely, too small amount of the product will not provide proper washing and spots will simply remain on the laundry. On packages of laundry detergent "EHAclean" there is an indication on the dosage required to achieve maximum effect.

Step 5: Determine the wash program

1.Use a prewash is required only for clothes with a high degree of contamination.

2.Choose the appropriate program for ordinary fabrics, synthetics, as well as to the tissues that require delicate washing.

3.Wash temperatures must be selected of tissue type and degree of contamination. Make the right choice to help the labels on things.

4.Washing mode should be reduced spin for delicate items, but it is better to abandon it.

Step 6: Drying clothes

Do not leave wet clothing in the laundry basket or in the drum of the washing machine, they will be wrinkled and mold may appear . You need to hang out clothing after washing, so they will be easier to iron and dry them faster. Shirts can be dried on the shoulders, and woolen and silk items, it is desirable to decompose on a horizontal surface. Drying drum has its advantages, do not need to hang things, towels become softer, but strongly advise against using the drying mode for delicate items.