The components that make up detergents "EXAclean"

Purified water is processed at a high technological equipment to produce decontamination, structuring, deep cleansing from salts, heavy metals, chlorine.

Sodium Alginate - thickener, stabilizer, gelling agent. Obtained it out of the brown and red algae. Sodium Alginate has a moisturizing effect on the skin, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, fills the skin cells with energy, activates its protective properties.

Natural essential oils - aromatic oily substances of vegetable origin, used for give a pleasant smell.

Sugar surfactants (sugar polyglucoside detergent ) - surfactant (superficialis actives) Softly relative to skin (herbal ingredients like cocoa butter, sugar or starch used in their manufacture). possess good solubility and do not remain on the dishes, tissue after use. Biodegradable. Safe for the environment.

Fatty alcohols (alcohol sulfates) are produced from coconut oil

Citric acid - organic citric acid, which is the most common plant acid. Is present in many fruits, lemon and beet juice. Completely biodegradable. Dissolves even resistant lime. Adjusts the pH level.

Citrate - citric acid salt. Used for removing stains and dissolving lime deposits. These help SAW better and deeper into the tissue and wash the dirt.

Orange terpene - biologically active substance. Orange essential oil refers to the constituents terpenes, which have antimicrobial, antiseptic and deodorizing effect; removes fat

Marble powder (dust) - cleanser, characterized by its fineness, making it safe for delicate surfaces. Do not scratch!

All means "EXAclean" form a small or moderate amount of foam. Thus, our detergents help to reduce the rinse and save valuable natural resource - fresh water. Thanks to stringent monitoring of all incoming raw materials and the production process by our experts You can use quality and safe products at  home .