About Us

The company "SET" is established by active, socially responsible people, who are not, indifferent to environmental issues.

This problem affects everyone today. Industrial Revolution, the rapid development of civilization brought into our life a comfort and higher living standards helped to solve many previously intractable problems.

But everything has its dark side. The main problem has given rise to the development of civilization - it is a problem of ecology. Improving their standard of living, humanity simultaneously lowers its quality. We begin to forget what is clean air, clean water, natural food of a high quality.

Boomerang consumer attitude towards nature comes back and hits a lot of. The growing number of natural disasters, dangerous diseases (especially cancer) was its main result. And not paying attention to these factors means,  in the end, passing sentence on all of us.

A paradoxical situation appears: on the one hand, we do not want to give up the achievements of civilization, which are easy and comfortable for us, on the other - we try to protect ourselves from the consequences of the same civilization. How can that be?

"Those who hinder us, that is to help us," - said the famous comedy character. The advances in science, high technologies help us in solving this problem.

We can’t do nothing without detergents. Despite the fact that its side effects are well familiar to us. But modern scientific developments and technologies allow to produce detergents and disinfectants, which on the one hand bring clarity into our lives, destroy bacteria and on the other hand - protect our health thanks to safe neutral composition.

The company "SET" today can easily offer you a whole range of detergents and cleaning agents and disinfectants EXAClean, which are the optimal combination of efficacy and safety. High technologies helped us to produce products, which are based on the very harmony that we have done as our brand.

Ease in use, cleanliness, sterility, safety for humans and the environment - that's the difference between products EXAClean. Therefore, it can be used anytime, anywhere and for all.

The company "SET" is a young company. We recognize that success should develop faster than others. Even today, our specialists are working on expanding the range of our products and at the same time - on the development and improvement of our network throughout Ukraine. 

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Products designed and produced: Kyiv city, Ukraine.

Made in Ukraine


The cleanliness and health from the apartment to the planet.